PORTRAITS: by year


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Eminent Georgian Scientists, members of Georgian Academy of Sciences, after Council Meeting in the Academy. From the left: G. Akhvlediani, A. Shanidze, Sh. Nutsubidze, N. Muskhelishvili (President), I. Beritashvili, A. Janelidze (Tbilisi, the beginning of 1970s).
I. Beritashvili and unknown man (1970s).
I. Beritashvili with colleagues (1970s).
I. Beritashvili with colleagues (1970s).
President of USSR Academy of Sciences M. Keldysh visited the Institute of Physics. From the left: E. Andronikashvili, I. Beritashvili, N. Muskhelishvili, M. Keldysh (Tbilisi, 1970s).
I. Beritashvili (1970s).