This site is devoted to Ivane Beritashvili - a prominent physiologist of the XX century, the founder of the national school of physiology and neuroscience in Georgia and one of the founders of International Brain Research Organization (IBRO). He made substantial contribution to the development of European and world neuroscience. I. Beritashvili first analysed and suggested the importance of exciting and inhibiting reactions of the brainstem reticular formation (1937). He is known also by the discovery of the phenomenon of “image-driven” memory and its influence on animal's goal-directed behavior (1966-1974).

Presented web pages reveal I. Beritashvili's photo and video heritage - rare photographs and video footage, showing him at work, with collegues, friends and family members, visualizing his activity, capacity for work, openness to new ideas, amiability, sociability. Documentary material disclosures not only I. Beritashvili's personal life, but vast, official and friendly, relations between scientists, who worked in Europe and other parts of the world at the time of greatest discoveries in all physiology-related disciplines.