PORTRAITS: by year


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I. Beritashvili, V. Okujava and unknown foreign scientists at the ship during "Gagra Talks" (Gagra, 1960s).
Cuban political leader (not Fidel Castro) in the presidium of Georgian Academy of Sciences. The first row, from left: I. Beritashvili, probably Raul Castro(?), N. Mushkhelishvili, unknown. The second row: unknown, I. Vekua, S. Durmishidze, two guests from Moscow (Tbilisi, 1960s).
Participants of "Gagra Talks" (1960s).
I. Beritashvili and N. Voronin (1960s).
N. Severin, unknown, I. Beritashvili at a conference in Moscow (1960s).
I. Beritashvili and P. Kometiani (1960s).