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Prof. I.S. Malinovsky (in the center) visited the Institute of Physiology. From the left: A. Zurabashvili, I. Beritashvili (Tbilisi, 1930s).
Participants of the first "Gagra Talks" (Gagra, 1948).
Ivane Beritashvili and his frined from Wedensky's lab, Ukrainian physiologist Daniil Vorontsov during III Gagra Talks (Gagra, 1955).
Participants of the II symposium "Gagra Talks" (Gagra, 1955).
Participants of the second Congress of Caucasian physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists (Borjomi, 1956). I. Beritashvili is the second from right in the first row.
Participants of the III symposium "Gagra Talks" (Gagra, 1958).